Mother yelled “LIAR” at Premier Wynne during Queen’s Park QP

This comes after Premiere Wynne selfishly cut Autism IBI treatment off at age 5. Some children were going to be finally receiving treatment, but because of Wynne’s new ruling, their children we cut off.


Crooked Hitlary – Ziplok

I wouldn’t typically post something of this nature, But I feel I have good reasons. First, as anyone who has looked at my blog knows, I’m a graphic designer. I’m also a HUGE music nut! Always have been. Music is as much a part of my life as soap and water. It has helped me express myself in times when I couldn’t any other way. As we all know, music is poetry, which is also something I love to write.

I have to give kudos to “Ziplok” for writing such a great song. Second, it is no secret this woman is a habitual liar, and I have nothing, as a Canadian, to gain by saying that. It’s just the truth. She’ll be as bad for the U.S. as Trudeau has been for Canada. Anyways, enjoy!