What an Ontario man found after installing “Nanny Cam” in Mom’s Nursing Home

July 21, 2016 5:07 AM

As an ex PSW (Personal Support Worker), which is what those people caring for her are. They are NOT REGISTERED with the college of Nurses. To see this has me in tears, and extremely ENRAGED! . . . . . . . . . . . 

To see the rest CLICK HERE!


2 thoughts on “What an Ontario man found after installing “Nanny Cam” in Mom’s Nursing Home”

  1. EXACTLY!! When I was still able to work, I made sure every little part of my job, especially things that regarded my clients, was DONE RIGHT!! And by the book! The vast majority of workers at my agency were like that. And the bad ones, they were eaten alive by the rest of us. The vast majority DID NOT tolerate not documenting! Esp when it comes to a clients health and safety. Our ‘Residential Manager’ would have killed us!

    The other difference is that we were trained by QBS Inc – Safety Care:

    I think this course should be MANDATORY for EVERY PSW no matter where they work. This teaches not just physical interventions, ie. phys restraining, but it also replaces the old NVCI and our orig training – Safe Management.
    It teaches how to de-escalate a person when they’re getting amped up. I have used their techniques with my kids, and holy sh*t! My now 11.5 yo daughter, has been having what my husband and I call “Thermo-Nuclear Meltdowns,” since she was a toddler. These techniques even work on her! The key is to catch the person before they get past the first few minutes or so. And this would work amazingly well in dealing with Alzheimer’s patients. Esp the aggressive ones.


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